Melbourne Singles Events For Lovers of Fitness

Looking for fun singles events in Melbourne? Find Fit Love holds singles events for active individuals, perfect for meeting fit, love thirsty men and women who are eager to date you.

The place to get social for singles in Melbourne to meetup, hook up, date, have fun, flirt, sweat and go out with those who have the same passion as you.

Are you single and love fitness? Melbourne SIngles Events

Welcome to Find Fit Love, your provider for Melbourne Singles Events for lovers of fitness. We hold speed dating and fitness singles events where you can date in Melbourne. Meetup face-to-face, share a workout, chat and get to mingle with fit singles who share the same passion as you.

Take the stress away and come along to our Melbourne singles events. Go on exercise and workout dates and instantly build the connection you’ve always wanted in a happy partner.

No need to worry about first date ‘impressions’ or dress codes because our Melbourne singles events are held outdoors. This means, you attend in your workout gear, enjoy nature together and have a singles social party while meeting, dating and flirting with partners of the opposite sex. 

Meet those with similar workout, exercise and dieting goals, filter your preference and who suits your mind best.

The dating experience where the choice is yours.

Dating has never been so easy and so natural with so many partners to choose from. Get a greater success with guys and girls. Attend our Melbourne singles events and enjoy workouts, fitness speed dating and get ready to flirt with fit singles eager to date you.

Build the interaction, interpersonal relationship and happiness you always wanted with Find Fit Love.

Melbourne singles events for lovers of fitness

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Melbourne Singles Events

Feature Rich Community Singles Events Filled With Love Hungry Fit Singles Waiting To Meetup, Hook-up and Date You

Melbourne singles events for lovers of fitness

They know you’re single. You know they’re available and you both love fitness. Meetup in person, share couple workouts, leisure activities, chat and go on dates. The social singles party entertainment for fit singles to find love.

Melbourne Singles Events Where you

Meet Like Minded People

Singes in Melbourne where couples have relationship building.

Our Melbourne singles events are designed to bring together fit, healthy single people who share similar interests, hobbies and values, making it more likely that you will meet someone with whom you have a connection.

Singes in Sydney where singles have relationship building.
Melbourne singles events where you meet fit singles in a relaxed environment.

Meet Singles in Melbourne in a

Safe and Relaxed Environment

Melbourne singles events where you meet fit singles in a relaxed environment.

Find Fit Love’s Melbourne singles events are organised in a way that makes it easy for people to relax, have fun, and feel comfortable meeting single men and women.

Melbourne Singles Events With a

Variety of Event Types

Melbourne Singles Events With a variety of events types

Find Fit Love offers a variety of Melbourne singles events to find the perfect love. Speed dating, outdoor activities and singles mixers, giving you a chance to try different experiences, meet a variety of men and women to see and feel what suits you best.

Melbourne Singles Events With a variety of events types
Meeting singles in Sydney and expanding their social circle
Meeting singles in Sydney and expanding their social circle

Meet Singles in Melbourne and

Expand Your Social Circle

Meeting singles in Sydney and expanding their social circle

Our Melbourne singles events are a great way to expand your social circle and make new friends, even if you don’t meet a romantic interest.

Fitness Singles Events FAQ

You can purchase tickets to any of our events from the Fitness Singles Events page.

You can also register for our event schedule to receive invitations to our upcoming events here. Simply complete the registration form and when we have an upcoming fitness singles event that matches your interests, we'll email you an invitation with information and details on how to purchase tickets.

Yes you can. All you need to do is email us or use the enquiry form on this website with the transfer details (name, phone and email of your friend) and we'll take care of the rest.

We run fitness singles events for various age groups, the youngest being in their 20-30's all the way up to people aged 50-60 year old's.

Yes you do. Our clients and members expect you to be involved in fitness. You don't need to be skilful or knowledgeable in any particular area, but fitness and keeping fit has to be part of your life.

Yes. Going to the gym and working out is enough to attend our events.

If you find one of our singles events interesting and you slightly fall out of the age bracket, then we still allow 12 months age difference either side of the bracket.

Our events are prepaid. We keep it like this so we have an equal number of single males and females attending our events.

Anyone who's single, looking for love and has fitness as their hobby.

To be successful, we recommend being yourself, having a genuine interest in fitness and a healthy lifestyle, be ready for some photography, be social, have a sense of adventure and willingness to make new friends and develop friendships. When you have a fun-going personality and engage with people, then you'll be successful with both guys and girls wanting to get to know you.

We have both day and night events to cater for greater suitability. Also, it's a great way to make extra friends and develop great friendship with attendees.

After the events, you can do what you like. You can meetup, go to the local hotel or nightclub for a drink, cocktail or meet some friends.

Our fitness singles events are currently held in Sydney and Melbourne. However, we in the works to be expanding to other parts of Australia.